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Dear Waukee Community School District Board Members:

Fairouz Bishara-Rantisi, the principal at Waukee’s Northwest High School, must be held accountable for her inappropriate actions and statements regarding her denial of a "USA theme day" requested by student council members as part of their upcoming homecoming week celebrations.  Bishara had no justification for denying the request for USA day outside of her own racial bias toward white people and Americans. Bishara's actions are even more egregious knowing she openly encourages and supports BLM and LGBTQ, allowing our public school hallways to be peppered with political and racially-charged posters and propaganda. Bishara has also been violating State law that requires schools to offer students an opportunity to recite the Pledge every day.

Principal Bishara:

  • has knowingly and willfully violated Waukee's Equity Standards, Waukee Employee Handbook Policies and Iowa Law;

  • does not value our kids, diversity, equality or inclusiveness. She is not aligned or respectful toward our community; and

  • has lost the confidence and respect of parents, teachers and especially students.  

By the signing this petition, we hereby demand the WCSD take immediate steps to fully investigate Principal Bishara's actions to determine her fitness for ongoing employment at WCSD. Principal Bishara should be put on administrative leave during the investigation. Should it be determined through the investigation that the events and allegations are true that Principal Bishara denied USA day for homecoming week, made comments to a student about being a "white girl," and fails to comply with State law on the Pledge of Allegiance, she will be subject to swift disciplinary action up to and including immediate termination. 

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