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From mask-shaming, to inappropriate signs and posters that violate school policies and elementary students exploring their preferred pronouns in the classroom, IEWUW has been flooded with disturbing stories from Waukee parents and students--and we're only into the first week of school. As long as parents sit silently, these incidents will continue to happen and it will undoubtedly get worse. To document violations of WCSD policies or Iowa laws, please share your story with us. If your child comes home and tells you something that happened at school that seems wrong or is making them feel uncomfortable, report it using the form below.

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Regardless of whether you’re dealing with a single incident or an ongoing problem with another student or a teacher, you should carefully document what’s happening. Take accurate notes of what was said, who said it, and the date(s) and time(s). If evidence of the problem appears on a website, in emails, homework assignments, or class handouts, document everything with screenshots or by taking pictures with your cell phone (have your student take pictures). The more hard evidence we gather, the stronger our voices will be. 

Only with your permission, we may post your story on this website to expose the growing neo-segregation, discrimination and harmful agendas being pushed in our schools. Depending on the nature, aggregiousness or frequency of reported violations, we may reach out and ask for your permission to share the information with the Iowa Department of Education, the Iowa School Board Association, the Iowa Legislature, or other regulatory authorities. We can also help you think about next steps, like asking the school for a meeting, speaking to the media, or speaking to a lawyer.

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