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Your Right to Public Records

Chapters 21 and 22 of the Iowa Code — the open meetings and records or “sunshine” laws — attempt to ensure that Iowa government at all levels is as transparent and accountable to the public as possible.

Public records are all records, in any form, “of or belonging to” a government body or official. Every person has the right to examine, copy and disseminate a public record, unless it falls under the limited exceptions spelled out in Ch. 22.7 or another law. Records custodians are required to respond to requests made in person, in writing, by telephone or electronically.

Public schools are not exempt from complying with Iowa's "sunshine" laws and must produce records upon request. Almost everything that happens inside Waukee school buildings is public information and parents have every right to know what's going on in the classroom, which include emails from public school officials, contracts, curriculum, trainings, videos, text messages and other records that provide valuable information about events, classes and other issues that cause concern.

Find out what's really going on inside WCSD classrooms by requesting copies of lesson plans, videos, trainings, books, documents, emails, notifications or other materials being used by WCSD faculty and staff to educate our kids. Start by making your first request verbally or by email, or submit a request directly from the WCSD website.





If teachers or administrators ignore you or tell you that you're not entitled to those records, send a more formal request. Click HERE for a sample letter template. 

Public Records

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