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Sign Our Petition

Dear Waukee Community School District Board Members:

Please make a motion to remove the controversial Equity Standards developed by the Southern Poverty Law Center from our school's website and establish a diverse committee of parents, students and staff to draft a new set of standards that:

  • do NOT divide Waukee students into "identity groups" based on gender, the color of their skin, or any other personal or physical attributes;

  • do NOT give teachers the authority to introduce personal political or social viewpoints to impressionable young people in Waukee classrooms; and

  • do NOT put programs that support Waukee students' unique abilities, talents and desires - like ELP, ESL and special education programs - at risk of being shut down.

The WCSD Board voted to approve the revised Equity Standards on August 9, 2021, but you can still sign the petition as a way to show them we can "do better." 

Thanks for submitting!

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