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Blow The Whistle on What's Going


Don't give up. We have several weapons in our arsenal to fight back against the progressive takeover of our public schools.

Expose The Truth

Instead of opposing the Equity Standards, let's put them to good use and make sure they are applied to all Waukee students.  We need parents and students to report every single incident at a Waukee that violates school policies, or makes students feel uncomfortable or unwelcome.

You Have a Right to Know

With transparency comes trust, and right now, the majority of Waukee parents do not trust what's happening inside Waukee classrooms. This is exacerbated by the Covid restrictions that do not allow parents to visit the schools. We still have rights, however, to know exactly what's going on BEFORE it happens - not when our child comes home confused and devastated because of some non-academic activity or teaching that undermines parental rights, virtues and values.   


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