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Sample Paragraph on Identity

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Developing a positive social identity and determining what groups my child belongs to does not fall under the jurisdiction of public educators. I believe every human being is uniquely and wonderfully created on purpose, for a purpose. However, part of life’s amazing journey is discovery, exploration and evolution of that purpose over time. These stages of development happen organically and cannot be controlled by standards written on a website. A person’s identity is much deeper and more complex than the groups they align to or how those groups intersect. Identity is formed through self-awareness, family values, the trials and tribulations of life, and by the interpersonal lessons learned on the playground and in the boardroom. Identity is a delicate balance of how you see yourself versus how the world sees you, which is impossible to master as an adult – let alone as a child. Each unique self-reflection and social encounter is what forms our identity, which cannot be fabricated, replicated or prescribed. As a parent, I am not comfortable with my children exploring their “multiple identities” at school without my involvement and guidance.

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