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Sample Paragraph on Equity

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Equity is empirically unachievable because it’s both unnatural and unconstitutional. To prove its unnatural, consider the analogy “the same boiling water that softens the potato hardens the egg.” Circumstances do matter. What YOU want and how hard YOU are willing to work matters. There is no evidence that supports the ideology that negative outcomes are proof of systematic oppression within a system, nor are the two even closely correlated by research. You cannot measure outcomes without factoring in individual decisions and effort. You do realize that some proponents of equity in schools are determined to eliminate the traditional family? Why would they do that? Because traditional two-parent families often read bedtime stories to their children and reading books at a young age creates an unfair advantage for children in non-traditional settings. The "equity" solution is abolishing the family. From a constitutional perspective, every human being is entitled to equal treatment under the law, equal access to resources and opportunities, but nowhere is equity mentioned, let alone guaranteed. Why? Because it does not exist. It’s not real. Teaching students to expect equity in their lives does not equip them to succeed or find happiness. Kids will never be happy if they are always chasing equity - comparing who they are, what they look like and their circumstances to someone else. Comparing limits growth and creates resentment. Comparing makes kids feel unworthy and ungrateful –looking for someone or something to blame. Equality, on the other hand, teaches kids the importance of setting goals and working hard. It fosters self-reflection, self-reliance and personal accountability. Equality honors each student as an individual, with just the right support and the freedom to pursue what’s in their heart – not what society or labels dictate. Parents do not want WCSD subjecting students to this trendy, unorthodox social experiment called equity.

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