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Sample Paragraph on Diversity

Copy, paste and edit to use in your email to the Board

Diversity programs fail when they focus solely on physical attributes, like race and gender. Real diversity at Waukee will only begin when teachers and administrators acknowledge that students bring so much more to the table than their skin color or pronouns. Diversity happens at Waukee when we instill a spirit of acceptance and appreciation – when we teach our children to treasure themselves and their peers for who they are and what they can do. The real benefit of diversity however – the transformative change it ignites – happens with inclusion, which means inviting every unique voice to the conversation. It means saying “I hear you and value your perspective even if I don’t agree with you.” Inclusion is uniting around shared passions and similarities, not grouping kids based on physiological differences. Inclusion does not require students to “fit in” – it encourages them to standout. It makes them feel valued for what’s in their heart and mind, not the color of their skin.

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