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Our Mission

Waukee parents are waking up and realizing that a radical and racially divisive curricula is being taught in our public schools. Yes, having Equity Standards sounds noble on the surface - but most parents don’t understand what it really means. It’s time for this to END. Waukee public schools should teach our students impartially, with a balance of viewpoints. Waukee parents want teachers to teach academics. We DO NOT want teachers "educating" our children on what to believe in, what to "stand up against" or how they should define their "multiple identities." 


True equality - which means equal opportunity - is achieved through ability and intrinsic desire - not dividing kids into "identity groups" based on skin color, gender, or political and religious beliefs.

​Public schools are not an appropriate forum to push political agendas and ideology. Teachers should be behavioral role models, not activists.


Teachers should not disguise the concepts of “diversity” as a way to teach students to label others into "identity groups" of either "victim" or "oppressor." 

Teachers should focus on academics and leave moral instruction and personal political beliefs out of the classroom.



​Waukee students should be taught historical FACTS about our nation, with more emphasis on celebrating progress. They should NEVER be taught that America is systemically racist and something to be ashamed of.  

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