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It Starts With Us, Waukee!



Urgent Message To All Parents of Waukee Community School District Students

This site is for you if you:

  1. send your kids to school to learn core academics such as math, English, and science, and

  2. teach your kids to be kind and respectful to their teachers and other students.


Unfortunately, Waukee Community School District has a different agenda being disguised as "Equity Standards," allowing them to push harmful, political ideology onto our children.   

#ItEndsWithUsWaukee is NOT arguing against equal opportunity or diversity. Quite the contrary - we are fighting to PROTECT equal opportunity and diversity in our schools. We demand politics and social justice agendas stay out of the classroom so ALL Waukee students can feel safe, thrive and learn at their fullest potential. Click to read Our Mission.

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Dear Parents,

A video called In & Of Itself (produced by Stephen Colbert) was forwarded to us by teachers who are afraid to speak up for fear of retribution. This video was sent to all WCSD teachers as the "anchor for professional development." It's supposed to help teachers communicate with students more effectively about "identity," but the way the message is presented is dark, "mystical" and not applicable in a public classroom. It's entertainment, not training.


If this video is an example of how Waukee teachers are expected to learn and explore student identities in our classrooms, it's no wonder they are reading books to our 5th graders about "gender misidentification."  

ItEndsWithUsWaukee needs your help to demand more appropriate resources for our teachers and their professional development.      

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This site is not affiliated with WCSD.


It was created by busy parents, to help other busy parents understand important issues and changes at Waukee Schools.  

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We Support Waukee Teachers and Staff


Several teachers and WCSD staff members have reached out to support our mission. A great way to do that is by proudly wearing one of our Reading, Writing, Science & Math T-Shirts. 

If you're a teacher or staff member at WCSD, send us your name and mailing address and we'll send you a FREE shirt!    

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